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A story about a process.

Part one:

I have been thinking about consumption lately and how the gut microbiome responds to the outer environment. I've been curious about how it interacts with trillions of bacteria to help us process the real world. Through my experiments, I have considered the body as a site of exploration. I have started to make bioplastics/bio-composites, which I also refer to as bio skins, from an agar, glycerin, and water base. Sites of my body host this exchange of information and generate questions about the desire to be touched and examined closely. Using natural dyes (strawberry + red onion skin), rice, and turmeric, I am also trying to turn food waste into sustainable materials. I have included reused alginate molds to examine their relationship with the bio skins.

left to right:  (agar, glycerin, moss).  (agar, glycerin, expired brown rice). (agar, glycerin, strawberry dye). 

it’s a massive rewiring, I’m scared, 2022

i gagged on my fullness, 2022

untitled, 2022

lips 1st row: (plaster, moss, dirt), (plaster, onion skin dye), (plaster, onion skin dye, bell pepper seeds)
lips 2nd row: (plaster, expired brown rice), (agar, oreo cookies), (agar, onion skin dye)
lips 3rd row: (agar, expired brown rice), (agar, moss, dirt), (agar, bell pepper seeds)
lips 4th row: (agar, tumeric dye), (agar, moss, dirt), (agar, strawberry dye, oreo cookie)
lips 5th row: (agar), (agar, dish soap), (strawberry dye)

~ All lips were made in reused alginate molds of my lips ~

Lip explorations were inspired by designer, Ani Liu’s Kisses from the Future, my diet during this project, and the backyard on the land that floods a lot. 

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